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Clean energy is VITL

Join the clean energy movement today!

Quality where it counts.

At VITL, good energy is the culture of our business. We empower our energy consultants so they can bring the clean energy to you. 

25 Year Production Guarantee

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Freedom forever is one of the top nationwide solar Epc's (equipment, procurement, construction). Simply put, they will be the ones installing your new system. Our sales reps travel nationwide to bring you the best solar experience possible with the confidence in installation, financing, and service options.

Freedom's guarantee is the best in the industry. they are the only solar panel installation company that 100% guarantees the amount of energy that your solar power system produces.

Return lost savings

Guaranteed Power

Guaranteed Production

Vitl by the Numbers










About Vitl

Imagine a world where solar isn’t a niche. It’s a enhancement to your every day life both at your home and in your wallet.

Uncommon Energy: 

We're not just slapping panels on roofs; improve the earth by positively impacting families and friends every day right at their home, with solar.


Transparency is our policy. No gimmicks, just straightforward, honest service.


We partnered with Freedom Forever to gain access to top-notch solar technology, nationwide installation, and industry expertise.


We’re not here to profit and peace out. We're actively involved in charitable efforts through the Elizabeth Smart Foundation & The Molouf Foundation.

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